Core Training

17 February

Core Training

A question we are asked nearly every day is ‘what are the best core exercises?’

Before we answer, let’s be totally clear: we don’t give our clients core exercises as a way to drop weight. We incorporate core training in order to build a strong and stable core, which is fundamental to every movement we do whether it’s walking, jumping, running for the bus, carrying shopping, playing sport to working out at the gym. A strong core matters.

When talking about core, most people think of abs and obliques, but it’s also important to include glutes and shoulder – your core, glutes and shoulders are the points from which we move. Working through a series of exercises that target and build strength & stability in these 3 areas will not only help build a stable based form which you can move, but it will also help prevent injuries, aches & pains.

BUT we do not need to spend a huge amount of time specifically training the core. Typically, we spend no more than 5 minutes on these exercises in order to get maximum benefits. You don’t need to be spending 30mins on specific core exercises; never forget the benefits and core effort involved in big, multi-joint movements (squats, pressing, chin-ups etc). When performed correctly (with good posture and technique) EVERY exercise should promote core training, especially when load is added.

Our Top 5 Core Training Exercises 

1) Plank

2) Side Plank

3) Pallof Press

4) Dead Bugs

5) Hip / Glute Bridge

Pick 1-2 exercise and use them between sets of your regular exercises to cut down your overall workout time or use them to finish off your workout.


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