Anne Sampson

Meet Anne. She started with us back in September and her transformation is amazing. Read on and follow Anne’s journey…… Started with RBD September 2011Sport Open Water Swimming Goals

  • To be able to swim a 1500m course in 30-35 minutes
  • To become fitter/stronger
  • To avoid looking like a “Michelin Man lookalike” next time I wear a wetsuit for swimming

Weight loss to date 12 kg I never expected that at the age of 56 I would have gone from couch potato (world-class standard!) to keen “athlete” in 3 months, having joined Results by Design. I have always loved swimming but discovered a passion for open water swimming having entered the Great London Swim in July of this year. I managed to do the 1500m course in 45 minutes even though I was very overweight and unfit – so this was a sport I could do but I now wanted to get better and do the distance in a faster time.
I realised I needed professional help to get fitter/stronger, and also to lose weight, as in this sport you have to wear a wetsuit which is not the most flattering of looks! I joined RBD in September and have not looked back since. I had no idea of what to expect, the only experience of instructor led exercise I ever had was the occasional times I went to keep fit classes, which resulted a lot of joint pain especially in the knees, hips and back – so I was quite apprehensive before the first meeting with RBD:

  • The first meeting was an assessment which allowed me to work out what I wanted from the weekly sessions, talk about my fears regarding joint pain when exercising, food plan advice to suit me, and at the end of the meeting I came away with a sense of confidence that my goals were achievable.
  • The exercises are varied and challenging but it is a fantastic sensation to feel your muscles working (in fact it is a fantastic feeling to discover I actually do have muscles that work!). I am pushed to my limits but RBD’s expertise (and, in my case, a lot of patience) is such that I know I will successfully accomplish the end result of the exercises -eventually. I try never to miss a session even when I am feeling really low or have had a tough week – it’s what keeps/gets you back on track. The sense of achievement and motivation at the end of a session is difficult to describe, and even after 3 months this effect has not lessened.

I try to continue working out after the weekly sessions i.e. swimming or free weights and stretches (learnt in the training sessions) at the local gym – RBD puts in the hard work re giving me the skills, the belief in myself and the motivation, so I should use them. The results I am seeing in my fitness, confidence/self esteem and especially body shape are amazing. I am even beginning to look forward to wearing that dreaded wetsuit next year!

*Results may vary from person to person.


I have been a practicing physiotherapist for 10 years working with various different trainers throughout my career. The trainers at RBD are truly something unique! Dave and Carol have wonderful skill assessing clientele and prescribing specific exercise routines that’ll address both the client’s needs and improve their weaknesses. Due to its specificity they get wonderful results and I would highly recommend their training skills for whatever the need…ie weightloss, strengthening, exercise workouts with specific needs following an injury, etc. I personally train with Dave and I can honestly say that he still makes me work into my weaknesses (even when I as physio can be really good at cheating!) and I’ve never had a dull moment with the same boring exercise routine! Compliments to Dave who can get a physio still excited about new exercises with all his creativity in exercise design! A definite must for anyone of any age with any need and wanting to enjoy workouts!

*Results may vary from person to person.


I have been training with RBD since June this year. We started with an assessment to establish exactly what I wanted to gain from the training. Since then he has focussed my training on strengthening with hockey in mind. Lots of glute, acceleration and stability work. I have definitely been able to see the difference in my performance. The RBD team are all very knowledgeable about training especially strengthening and performance wise. They have been super reassuring and I no longer feel daunted by gym equipment.

*Results may vary from person to person.


I did the 14 day fat flush and achieved great results in that short period of time. I have become more toned and lost body fat. Dave and Carol really know how to help you achieve your goals with expertise in training and nutrition. If you want to see results, then I would highly recommend Results By Design. Invest in your body, you only get one.

*Results may vary from person to person.

Meloney Blakcman

I am so please that I discovered RBD; I have been on a journey that seemed to have been stagnant for several years; as I felt that I could not truly achieve my goal: at times I felt despondent as I felt my aim was too high and I lack the discipline and tools to reach it!

Then a card came through my door promising that they could help me to achieve what had eluded me for 7 years – to get leaner and lose fat permanently through educating me in fat-burning, nutrition and training processes – no gimmicks or inflated promising; simply hard work and a dedication to me in helping me achieve my fat loss goal! I decided to take the plunge.

6 weeks on I am happy to say that RBD does as it promises, I have lost to date 5 kg (this may not seem a lot to some) however it has shown me that I can do it; which for me is half the battle. My trainer Carol has become my best friend, drill Sargent and cheerleader. She listens to me and I feel that she uses her years of knowledge and collective expertise to design a programme that will enable to get the best results. Carol is great (I have to say that or I will pay with extra step ups and push ups in our next session) seriously, she is: I trust her implicitly as I can see the results. The programme is challenging (sometimes I think she is crazy with what she expects me to do) – but I can now appreciate that there is method in her madness. Carol’s approach is very holistic, her programme caters to my physical, nutritional and emotional requirements; for me it works. I have a long way to go before I achieve my ultimate goal, but I can now eat the elephant one bite at a time!

What I can say about RBD is that I do not feel that their interest in you is purely financial; it seems that they genuinely want you to achieve your goal, and they do this by providing you with the facts about nutrition and exercise you need to maintain this for life.

*Results may vary from person to person.

Clodagh Harding

As a thirty something mum, I needed to lose weight, tone up and improve my fitness levels. Although I was terrified by the prospect of revealing how out-of-shape I had become, RBD Personal Training provided a friendly, flexible service tailored to my exact needs and lifestyle. The sessions are challenging but fun and Carol keeps it interesting – I especially love the boxing!

*Results may vary from person to person.

Mary Ellen

I cannot say enough about Dave and Carol as instructors. They tailor every workout according to so many individual factors so it is never boring and always beneficial with a good measure of humour which is always helpful! I found Dave when I attended the running school and found out all I was doing wrong: muscles that were dormant and needed activation! In addition, Dave worked me back into shape after a nasty hernia operation (obtained by doing yoga somewhere else) by careful and never tedious sessions. I cannot give up my weekly sessions with them and feel that it is one of the best things I can do for my bones/muscles and general health.
Five star recommendation from someone who has had many a personal trainer!

*Results may vary from person to person.


I can’t believe how much you guys have helped me.I need the energy and motivation you guys bring.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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